Presă verticală pentru grinzi și panouri STROJ-LES SLV 6000-1300

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Lungime maximă de lucru 6000 mm
Lățime maximă de lucru 1300 mm
Grosime de lucru 50 – 160 mm
Număr secțiuni de lucru 1
Număr cilindri verticali de presare 12
Forță maximă de presare / cilindru hidraulic 9 kg/cm2
Cursă cilindri 120 mm
Presiune maximă / cilindru hidraulic 180 Mpa
Număr unități orizontale de aliniere 6  PCS
Tensiune de alimentare 400 V , 5,5 Kw , 50 HZ


STROJ-LES - Slovenia

The Stroj & Les d.o.o. Cerknica (Slovenia) company is a manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic presses for a cold edge gluing method of wooden boards. Wood in the presses can be glued by length or by width. With our presses we supply industry for wooden boards gluing, manufacturing plants of window frames, door frames, and all other wood frame industry. In addition to our presses we also offer all the accessories for gluing processes and full technical support.
In the Catalogue of you can find following products:

  • clamp carriers for cold edge gluing and lamination for wooden stock  (plates, beams, surfaces) – type SL, SLM-H, SLR, SLE, SLT, SLRE
  • assembly presses for frames (frames) – type SOR
  • presses for edge and profile gluing for wooden stock (window profiles, beams, roof carriers, frames…) – type SLV, SLH
  • hydraulic assembly presses (windows, doors, frames) – type HSL
  • pneumatic assembly presses (doors, frames, drawers) – type PSP
  • assembly tables (prefabricated walls, roofs,gable elements,frames) – type HSLM
  • press for nailplates (pressing nailplates into timber) – type HCP
  • hobby program (presses for handicraftsmen) – type HSLR
  • glue spreaders (spreading glue onto massive wood) – type NL, MNL
  • oil spreaders (spreading oil onto massive wood) – type NO

We can make all machines and equipment according to your requirements and precise time-limits. You can find our machines in companies for making furniture and accessories. If you are interested in seeing our machines, please contact us about the nearest company where you can see how they work.

We provide equipment and complete tehnical service for cold edge, lamination and profile gluing of wooden stock.

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