Circular de spintecat REMA DMLK-30 CLASSIC

  • Pânză reglabilă pe înălțime;
  • Pânză reglabilă pe înălțime;
  • Riglă paralelă din aluminiu;
  • Extensie masă;
Diametru maxim pânză Ø 300
Înălțime maximă de tăiere 95 mm
Lățime maximă de tăiere în partea dreaptă 900 mm
Lățime maximă de tăiere în partea stângă utilizand rigla transversală 45 – 1265 mm
Reglare la unghi a pânzei 0 – 45°
Putere motor 3,9 kW
Tensiune de alimentare 380 V
Turație pânză 3700, 5000 rpm
Diametru alezaj pânză Ø 30 mm
Diametru hotă de exhaustare superioară Ø 60 mm
Diametru hotă de exhaustare inferioară Ø 100 mm
Necesar exhaustare superioară 360 m3/h
Necesar exhaustare inferioară 900 m3/h
Greutate 320 kg


REMA - Polonia

REMA SA is one of the biggest manufacturers of woodworking machines and wood-based materials. REMA SA is a company wholly Polish with traditions in the field of machine reaching years 1931.

Since its inception, the plant was producing a diverse range of machines and equipment and from 1963 specializes in the production of woodworking machines. For many years of its existing on the market, the machines REMA gained among domestic and foreign users, the opinion of the machines with solid construction, durable and ensure high parameters of the processing.

All machines manufactured by us are designed in our own design office, where engineers and technologists are constantly working on product development of precise, durable, ergonomic and safe.

Appropriate personnel and technical facilities (commercial office, office design, service department, modern machinery park, own iron foundry) guarantee a high standard of after-sales service: rapid availability of spare parts and service, the possibility of making warranty repairs, major overhauls and other necessary services industry.

In recognition of the high quality and innovative technical solutions, our circular saw machines were award-winning with prizes and awards of Polish Society of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians (SIMP), and awards at DREMA and DREMASILESIA fairs.

Excellent reputation and high position on the market gained by the line of panel saws particularly, ranging from models DMMA-35, through the DMMC-40, DMMDA-40 and now DMMS-40 F3, F-2 and F-1. Some older models of circular saw machines can still be found in furniture factories, where successfully serve the purposes for which they were designed, despite the passage of 30 years since their manufacture.

Our products meet safety standards for both domestic and stringent safety standards specified in the Directives of the European Union in the field of woodworking machines.

In order to be closer to our customers, we regularly organize in different regions of the country shows of work of our machines as well as we are taking a part in trade fairs and exhibitions.

Purchased at us the machines we deliver to place their location (Polish territory).

Excellent engineering personnel, technical traditions, modern machinery and determination to meet the needs of customers ensure satisfaction with the purchase of our products.

Welcome to the network of dealers across the country.

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